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duurzaam Westbound Funk - Westbound Funk [Vinyl] USA import 1RTHsRe1

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Westbound Funk (Vinyl NEW)Label: Beat Goes PublicFormat: LPRelease Date: 01 Aug 2008No. of Discs: 2UPC: 029667515511Album Tracks1. I'll Bet You/You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure - Funkadelic2. Hit It And Quit It - Franklin, Bobby Insanity3. Funky World - Silky Vincent4. RPM - Boots (2)5. Stone Thing - Cash, Alvin6. In Born Soul - Wilson, Freddy7. Get Ya Some - Sparks, Melvin8. Crazy Legs - Austin, Donald9. Pair And A Spare - Scott, 'Little' Jimmy (1)10. Get Funky Sweet A Little Bit - Harris, Jackie & The Exciters11. Back To Funk - Lowe, Robert12. You're Messing Up My Mind - Washington, Albert13. Feelin' Alright - Ohio Players14. Why Not Start All Over Again - Counts (1)15. Conga Man - King Errisson16. I Love You - Motivations17. Shake Your Head - Wilson, Spanky18. I Don't Know What It Is But It Sho' Is Funky - Mighty Elegant19. You Caught Me Smiling - 19th Whole